Blue Diamond Kollection strongly suggests that you co-wash your virgin hair with a good non-sulfate conditioner,  such as Pantene, before installing your hair.  Co-washing consists of wetting each bundle with cool water, with the rubber band intact, and applying the conditioner and allowing to sit for at least 30 minutes.  Once conditioner has set in for at least 30 minutes, you may rinse the bundle and then remove the rubber band and hang each bundle from a hanger with clips to air dry.  DO NOT blow dry your wavy texture hair if you want to maintain the texture.  Allow the hair to air dry.   If you purchase deep wave hair, it is important to use a product that will keep your hair moisturized, as this texture can become dry.  NEVER use a tight comb on any texture hair, ONLY a wide tooth comb.  DO NOT use a comb or brush on your curly or kinky curly hair.  The deepwave hair can be flat ironed and curled.  To get the wavy texture back after straightening, simply wet the hair and allow to air dry.  You should treat your virgin hair as your own; meaning wash and condition it regularly, but never use shampoo or conditioner with sulfur.   Our hair can last two years or more with proper care.